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G. C. (Verified Patient)


Oct 17, 2018


The employes are great and the service too

Verified Patient


Oct 05, 2018


I absolutely dispised the dentist untill a friend who works in dental insurance made me an appointmen at Fullerton dental. I absolutely love it, there quick, the resepionios gave me a reminder call and on my second visit the dentist was so good and quick she did five extracs in less than 30 minutes and didn't even have to numb the second half of my mouth all the way. She's that good an fast and reasuring. I look forward to my next visit for the first time ever. Janette

K. G. (Verified Patient)


Aug 07, 2018


Everyone is so friendly. The office and exam rooms are very clean.

K. G. (Verified Patient)


Jul 31, 2018


The girls are all very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. The office is always very clean

M. L. (Verified Patient)


Jul 12, 2018


I’ve been seen by this dental office under 2 different ownerships and at the beginning the dentist was fine - the decors group I ended paying about $ 20,000 for work which I excepted although I was ultimately sure I needed it now the third ownership at the beginning was rocky and I kept spending a lot of money and at the beginning dentist really was aggressive and not friendly but time had passed and new people in office and grins last trip just for cleaning was pleasant and staff nice I was impressed

F. W. (Verified Patient)


Jul 03, 2018


All of the girls in the office are very helpful and friendly and the doctor has always gone a little extra to help me out with some issues that I have had very happy with your service always have been

M. C. (Verified Patient)


Jun 20, 2018



A. S. (Verified Patient)


Jun 18, 2018


Excellent service everything is perfect

J. R. (Verified Patient)


Jun 14, 2018


Was exelent experience and service tank you

M. A. (Verified Patient)


Jun 05, 2018


Excellent service, all the employees and doctors were extremely nice and courteous!

R. W. (Verified Patient)


May 07, 2018


I have been going to Fullerton Dental Associates for around 4 years. They have been very accommodating to myself and my family. They treat us very well and they go out of their way to ensure your treatment is the best for your situation. We used to visit another dentist up the street and they just got to expensive. In the parking lot we would notice the very expensive sports car of that dentist so we felt we didn’t want to make his payments any more. We then turned to Fullerton Dental Assoicates and they work with you on payment plans that we feel are the best for us.. Try them you will like them!!!

D. H. (Verified Patient)


Apr 30, 2018


The offices are really nice and comfortable. And the Personnel were wonderful and friendly. They made me as comfortable as they could for the procedure being done. Thank you everyone there!

R. G. (Verified Patient)


Apr 23, 2018


I've very been a patient of Fullerton Dental Associates since day one. I have been extremely happy with all of the accommodations that they've given. With some of my dental issues more serious than others, regardless, they've provided me and my family with various options that worked out great! Evelyn the office manager, the staff, and of course Dr., are professional and super great! I highly recommend this establishment to all the members of our community.

T. C. (Verified Patient)


Apr 23, 2018


This was the best experience I’ve ever had going to a dentist!

K. D. (Verified Patient)


Apr 23, 2018


I had ALL my teeth pulled and it wasnt a bad experience at all

N. M. (Verified Patient)


Apr 12, 2018


Every staff member was exceptionally kind and professional to me and my daughter! Especially Dr. Mana! We believe she is by far the best dentist we have ever seen. I am very grateful for the outstanding service my daughter received yesterday. Thank you for everything!

A. C. (Verified Patient)


Apr 05, 2018


Great people.

T. R. (Verified Patient)


Apr 04, 2018


They forgot about me and was left waiting.

S. B. (Verified Patient)


Apr 13, 2017


Dr Mana is the bomb!! I would recommend her to anyone who is scared of the dentist. And all the girls kick ass over there.

P. V. (Verified Patient)


Feb 01, 2017


You guys are amazing!! I always had a horrible time at former dentist but you all make me feel at ease and I can get my work done without being scared or nervous :)

L. L. (Verified Patient)


Jul 08, 2016


The doctor and his staff are honest, and caring they will go out of their way to help you feel comfortable. I was so scared. The doctor played my favorite oldies while he drilled my teeth. God bless! I'm referring everyone to Fullerton Dental Associates!

J. W. (Verified Patient)


Sep 16, 2015


I highly recommend Fullerton Dental Associates! Their service is superb!!

N. M. (Verified Patient)


Jun 22, 2015


I loved the work they done in my mouth. I had no pain. Recommend it highly.

O. C. (Verified Patient)


Mar 20, 2014


Fullerton Dental Associates is a wonderful office. Great staff who are very warm and welcoming and do an excellent job of making you feel comfortable. Dr.Godino did an amazing job when I had lost all hope of getting my work done. Thank you all for helping me smile again

J. I. (Verified Patient)


Feb 16, 2014


Dr. Gudino and the staff are GREAT!

Verified Patient


Nov 18, 2011


Let's be honest people, Going to the dentist is never fun... the dentist works with two of the most sensitive parts of the human body, the mouth... and the wallet. It makes it easier when there are nice and honest staff, doctors and people who actually care about you, your health along with your oral hygiene :) I hid from dentist for many years, as a result I needed a lot of work done... Wasn't so fun, actually it really sucked... but I didn't mind so much because of the great staff and treatment - While working on my mouth, if it was too much too soon, they would listen to me and give me breaks as needed. After the initial exam they gave me recommendations and honest truth which I really appreciated, didn't feel high pressured at all. I recommend them. Say hi to Serena, Dr. Cecilia and Dr. Chou for me :)

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I seriously loved this place. From the outside you don't expect what you get from the inside. Its very clean well organized and has nice interior decorating Great customer service starting with the front staff, the dr and his assistant. I took my son who is 4 years old for the first time to the dentist and the dental assistant and the doctor we're both so awesome with him. They were oatient spoke to him in a way he coukd inderstand took their steos slowly and were considerate of his apprehension. After he was done he even got to pick from a treasure chest and received a free toothbrush I would highly recommend this place to any adult or a parent with children and I myself will be transferring my dental care to Fullerton Dental Associates


Shannon N.


Visiting from New York and developed a tooth ache, looked and called many dentist and none were willing to see me due to insurance coverages and scheduling. Found this office on yelp an decided to give them a call. They were immediately able to see me and accommodated my busy schedule with the family. From the appointment making process to seeing the doctor, I found their office to be professional and offered excellent service. Dr. Hossein was able to quickly diagnoses my problem and fix it. The staff was also very knowledgeable and very accommodating when it came to payment. I would highly recommend this office to local people as they were so accommodating to my needs.


David L.


I have had a life long irrational fear of dentists, and because of this I let my dental health go for way too long. By the time I found Fullerton Dental I had been to three other dentists who I chose to never go back to because of lack of a decent bed side manner, and being judge immediately by my appearance (I am covered in tattoos and have a huge beard.) From the second we first spoke on the phone I felt comfortable and knew that they cared more about my health than how much money they could charge me. One of my favorite things about them is that there building is a little rough on the outside, but if you don't waste your time judging the exterior, you learn that the inside is beautiful and filled with people who genuinely care. I am happy to say that I have found my new dentist here and hope that you do the same.


Matt H.


I decided to give this place a chance based on a recommendation and the good reviews I read. I have had a good experience with the doctors and staff here. Everyone is so friendly and professional. When you walk into the office it does not look like a typical dental office. It is nicely decorated, warm and welcoming but most importantly, they really care about your dental health and they do NOT try to up sell! If you're looking for a general dentist, please give this place a chance. People who have an unpleasant experience are so quick to judge and lash out too harshly by giving negative reviews which may very well be exaggerated and that is not fair, so be your own judge. Let's face it, no one "likes" going to the dentist and unfortunately, sometimes it may be a difficult experience depending on your case. Bottom line, if we visited the dentist more often like we are supposed to, our experience would be much more pleasant and we'd probably only require annual check-ups and cleanings! I am very happy; I have found a new "dental" home here and I will continue my treatment. I recommend Fullerton Dental Associates. Thank you to the doctors and staff for making me feel so comfortable and for giving me my smile back!


Ana S.


Was in need of having my wisdom tooth pulled immediately! They took me in with in minutes and was out 15 minutes later! Great staff great pricing. Highly recommended!


Jc G.


Always grateful for Evelyn, really she is one of the biggest reasons I keep coming back and refer people to them, honesty is hard to find these days and I believe she is honest and willing to help me and my children get the best care available and that is important to a single parent.


Ryan P.


First off WOW! I've been there for cleanings and root canals and always had the best care.
This past weekend I had an emergency with a tooth that cracked and got infected. Evelyn and Dr Hossien came in on thier day off and helped me out and extracted the tooth. They didnt have to go above and beyond for me, But they did. For that I will always be grateful.
I and everyone in my Family will be coming to you for life. Your welcoming nature, great conversations and general caring is above and beyond what Ive ever experienced at a Dental office.


Dan B.

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