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If you develop a serious cavity or your wisdom teeth become impacted, oral surgery can ease pain, prevent further complications, and keep your mouth healthy. At Fullerton Dental Associates in Fullerton, California, the expert dentists perform oral surgery on an outpatient basis. Using advanced tools and treatment techniques, they can restore your smile to a vibrant condition. To learn more about oral surgery, book online to schedule an appointment, or call the office today.

Oral Surgery Q&A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a dental specialty that uses customized tools and treatment techniques to safely address facial trauma and other problems affecting your teeth, gums, lips, or tongue.

Oral surgeons have specialized training and expertise. They attend four years of traditional dental school, followed by between four and six years of surgical instruction in residency.

Fullerton Dental Associates performs oral surgery on an outpatient basis. To ensure patient comfort, they offer both local anesthetics and sedation dentistry.

What are some common types of oral surgery?

Fullerton Dental Associates performs various types of oral surgery, including:

Placement of dental implants

Dental implants are metal posts that provide a strong, supportive base for restorations like crowns, bridges, or implant-supported dentures. To place dental implants, Fullerton Dental Associates puts a number of titanium studs into your jaw. Following the procedure, your bone extends around the posts, fusing them in place.

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a type of oral surgery used to treat infected or inflamed pulp, the soft center of a tooth. During a root canal, your provider removes your tooth pulp, cleans the inside of your tooth, fills it with a material called gutta-percha, and caps it with a crown. This process preserves your enamel and prevents the need for an extraction.


If your wisdom teeth become impacted, or you develop a serious cavity, you might benefit from extractions. Extractions use special tools, like forceps and elevators, to remove one or several teeth. Fullerton Dental Associates performs both simple and surgical extractions.

Tumor and cyst removal

If you develop an oral cyst or tumor, oral surgery can quickly remove it. Before excising a cyst or tumor, Fullerton Dental Associates administers a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. After removing the growth, they provide you with a list of recovery instructions.

Is oral surgery safe?

Oral surgery is safe and usually well-tolerated. Fullerton Dental Associates uses advanced tools and treatment techniques to ensure your safety and comfort. To lower your risk of potential complications, continue to practice good oral hygiene, attend all of your follow-up appointments, and take your medication as prescribed. 

To further explore the benefits of oral surgery, request a consultation at Fullerton Dental Associates. Book online to schedule an appointment, or call the office today.

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