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Pediatric dentistry provides all-inclusive oral health care for children and teenagers. Routine checkups can preserve your child’s teeth and gums, lowering their risk of cavities, gum disease, and other potentially serious problems. At Fullerton Dental Associates in Fullerton, California, the expert dentists provide an array of pediatric dentistry services. Book online to schedule an appointment for your child, or call the office today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q&A

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry diagnoses, treats, and prevents oral health problems in children and teens. It relies on preventive screenings and regular checkups to address various issues, including cavities, gum disease, and misaligned teeth and jaws.

In addition, pediatric dentistry encourages good oral hygiene. By educating your child about the benefits of brushing and flossing, you can establish good habits early in life and preserve their oral health for years to come.

What services does pediatric dentistry provide?

Fullerton Dental Associates offers a variety of pediatric dentistry services, including:

Oral exams

During an oral exam, your child’s provider uses a handheld mirror to observe their gums, tongue, teeth, and jaws. This thorough assessment can detect tooth decay, periodontal pockets, oral abscesses, and malpositioned teeth. 

Teeth cleaning

Even if your child brushes and flosses, it’s important they receive a professional cleaning at least twice a year. During a cleaning, a dental hygienist removes tartar and plaque from your child’s gum line and teeth. Afterward, the hygienist polishes their teeth with gritty toothpaste, flosses their teeth, and applies a fluoride treatment.

Oral X-rays

Oral X-rays use low doses of radiation to take detailed photos of your child’s tooth roots, alveolar bone, and jaw. Fullerton Dental Associates offers several types of oral X-rays, including digital X-rays, cephalometric X-rays, and computed tomography (CT) scans.


If your child is prone to cavities, Fullerton Dental Associates might recommend sealants. Sealants are thin coatings made of plastic or other FDA-approved materials. They adhere to the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth, preventing decay and the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that’s often found in tap water. It supports and strengthens tooth enamel, preventing cavities and decay. If your child has weak teeth or cavities, fluoride treatment can preserve their smile and oral health.


Orthodontics uses braces and custom-crafted oral appliances to gradually straighten and align your child’s teeth. The type of orthodontic treatment that will benefit your child depends on their age, oral health history, and position of their teeth and jaws.

How frequently should my child see the dentist?

Fullerton Dental Associates recommends you schedule a pediatric dentistry appointment every six months. Many problems like tooth decay and gum disease present few symptoms in the early stages of development. Routine checkups can provide prompt diagnosis and treatment before they get worse.

To learn more about the benefits of pediatric dentistry, request a consultation at Fullerton Dental Associates. Book online to schedule an appointment for your child or call the office today.

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